What is the purpose of life and how it helps others being happy?

What do you think guys? What is the purpose of life? What is more important? Having a purpose in life or being happy?

To know what is the purpose in life Firstly, let’s know a few things about happiness and purpose.

What is happiness in life?

Happiness is an emotion or feeling. A state of mind where we should feel at peace with ourselves. A reaction to a day to day events or moments of pleasure.

what is the purpose of life

What is like having a purpose?

The purpose is the aim or motive to live our life. Life without purpose is a life wasted just like a day without a smile is a wasted one. Having a purpose in life gives you a reason to live. A goal to achieve. A task to complete.

What is the purpose of life?

“The purpose of life is having a purpose in life.” – Shivangi Sharma Click To Tweet

As we are humans. We all seek what we believe in so if we believe being happy is more important than having a purpose then we will seek happiness everywhere. But you know just for the facts, we can’t have happiness, we have to create happiness from the inside of us. As I said above, it is the state of mind. We have to achieve that state of mind to be happy.

Even if we are seeking happiness in others it won’t be permanent. But if we have a purpose in life then we have reasons to live. Happiness is just an emotion. It is important but not constant. When we seek happiness in others, we start to depend on them. Maybe that’s the reason most of the people are not happy nowadays. Because they are relying on others for their happiness than themselves.

Happiness is totally depending on the quality of your thoughts. We all become what we think. If we keep thinking about the negative aspects of life then we will create negative energy and it will start affecting our day to day life. But if we try to keep our thoughts positive, we will see our life in a positive way.

what is the purpose of life?

You can’t always be happy. You can’t always stay cheerful and motivated. Once in a while, you have to feel or experience other emotions like hurt, sadness, anger, and motivation. You have to take a break and give a rest to your mind, body, and soul. Life is a daily battle. We need to save our energy and always be ready for the next one. And even after that, we need time to recover from the last battle too.

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What is the purpose of life?

If you have a purpose in life you don’t seek happiness because you are already happy, content and at peace. Having a feeling or not feeling at all should not affect your life. But when you lose your reasons to live, you lose yourself with it. When there is a purpose in life there is happiness but it is not necessary that when you are happy you have a purpose in life.

So, if you have a purpose in life you are already happy to live for that reason but your state of happiness will change with the change in your life situations.

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