Replay – Deep love poems for her and him for the people who love with soul

Deep love poems for her and him

” countless nights
never ending fights
left me feeling empty
now who will fill this void?
but i still remember
the good times.
when i was only yours
and you were mine.
feelings of you
and this pain won’t fade away.
would you please push the button
of replay? “

Deep love poems for her and him

Poetry is a way to express feelings and in this poetry, a person recounts all their memories, all the good moments they made with their partner or lover, all the fights they fought. Love is a feeling where we do every possible thing to make another person happy but sometimes in the relationship, we fight a lot. Reason can be anything. Maybe it can be the communication gap or the lack of interest of the other person. A relationship is where we work to stay together. but sometimes we are so in love we would do everything to make a relationship work. No matter if the other one does not want it. No matter if it is toxic to you. No matter it keeps hurting you. So here in these Deep love poems for her and him, it is all that is shown.

Deep love poems for her and him

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