I was thinking about to write for a while now but never made up my mind what to write about. After thinking for a lot of time I decided to write about the topic to which we all are aware of. Life. What is life? How to live a life? There are a lot of answers with a different point of views. I’m not going to question anybody’s point of view. I just want to add mine. To me, life is all about giving. giving love, care, respect and Everything to others. I agree who said that life is a journey. A journey which has no limits. Life is beyond any limit so why do people set their limits. I want to live my life the way I want to live and everybody should have this right too. Try to do things on your own. Forgive others. You can’t live a good life, a happy life with all the anger you keep inside of you for those who have hurt you or broke your heart. So please forgive them.


We all feel so many emotions in this one life. Love is one of a kind. Some people said love is life and some made love their life. I was one of them but after losing love from my life I didn’t lose the life. There is still life after love. And there is still love after love. There is life after everything. Everybody has to live no matter what. This life has given to you for a purpose. Find it and complete it. Try to spread kindness and love. This is the best you can do as a human. Wake up and smile. Make another smile. Help others who are needed. Enjoy every kind of emotion no matter if it’s sad. Do what makes you happy and keep doing it. Pamper yourself. Appreciate yourself. Try to love and forgive the people you love, to the people who loved. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have done when you were younger. Life is undefinable and you are limitless so don’t limit yourself. Keep going. Never give up. Keep smiling and make others too and yes, don’t forget to live. Live a little for yourself too.

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