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I complete myself. A sentence complete by itself, very easy to say but actually it is a whole life process. So what makes you complete? Have you ever think about it? Are these the things which you like or the people you love? What are those things which makes you feel complete? And what if the thing you like or the person you love no longer be with you or stays in your life, would you still feel complete without out them? I basically wanna say here is that you are the only person who will be with you to your complete life, who will see your up and down, will see your pain and happiness. it does not mean there will be no other person stays in your life, they will be there for you when they can, when you want but darling, in the end, it will be only you. We all know and feel that love is the most beautiful thing in this entire world. We seek love in others. Why don’t we seek the love we want in our self? Why can’t we provide our self the things we want or the things we seek, the things we expect from others.

These are the things which bothered me. They still do but now that as I am understanding things clearly and understanding myself, I know what I want in life and how I want in life. We all feel incomplete somewhere because we seek our other half in others, not in our self. Sometimes you feel complete in your own presence and sometimes no matter how many people are with you, they do not give you the comfort of completeness. Self-love is the most underrated love nowadays. People can love other people beyond the limit but they can’t love themselves even half of it.


What is self-love?

It is the pleasure of completeness we feel when we fall in love with our self.

There is a certain way to show some love our self. Some of the tips I am here to share with you which will help you to learn to love yourself and focus on yourself.



Somedays are good and some other days we do not feel good but still, you can make it better just by smiling. All you have to do stretch your lips and show your teeth. When you wake up, thank god for everything you had and feel blessed that you have got another day to do anything or everything you want.

smiling face



Never hold things inside. Let all your feelings and emotions either it is love, hate or anger. let it all out. Learn to express yourself. Learn to express your every single emotion. Do not hold it inside.

angry girl sketch



Be real to everyone but be real to yourself first. Try to know yourself. Think about yourself more than you think of other people. Show people what you really are. Don’t try to hide it or feel shy while being yourself.

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We all talk to our self at one point or another. But talking here is not like babbling things which are going on in your mind. Talk to yourself related to the issues you are dealing with. Discuss your problems with yourself. Try to solve them with the help of YOU.

thinking guy



Find your interests. Try new things. Find what are those things or people you want to invest your time into. Then do it. Invest your time in things or invest your time in people who make you happy, who makes you feel alive, who challenge you, who interests you.

do what makes you happy



It is important. You need to move on to the things or people which holds you, which are a bad influence or not good for you. And in the process of moving on you need to learn to let go. Let go the people who are not good for you or the things or emotions, the anger you kept it all inside of you which is holding you down and stopping you to move ahead in your life, you need to learn to let it all go.

let go



Be patient with yourself. People take time to learn and in the process of learning, they make mistakes. You need to learn and you will make mistakes. So be calm and go with the flow.

be patient



It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay to make bad choices. It happens to all of us. Forgive yourself for all your mistakes. Forgive yourself for being human.

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Don’t be scared from the fear. It is nothing but an illusion of the mind. You need to face them to grow as a person. You need to face them in order to become someone you can proud of. I repeat you need to face them.

motivational quote



I do this thing a lot. I love spending money on myself. I love buying things for me. I love pampering myself. We need to spend our time and money on the people in order to make them feel special and you are no different than any of them in this matter.

pamper yourself



Spend some time alone with yourself. Feel vibes of yours floating around and coming back to you. Feel the wind on your face. Do what interest you like reading books, watching a cartoon, cooking or even just walking around smiling, anything you like.

alone girl



Learn to accept yourself for who you really are. Accept your strength and celebrate your flaws.

smiling girl faces


I hope these things help you to grow as a person. 

I hope you may find yourself someday.

Have a look at this post create yourself. You will like this too. 

Thank you.

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