37 Sad hurting quotes on relationships and sad love quotes for him

Hello friends, hurting quotes on relationships. Yes, today we are showing you our latest collection of hurting quotes on relationships. Life is a roller ride. it has some ups and downs. We should celebrate both to have the true fun of this life. I understand life is getting tough day by day guys, but always remind yourself to grow of a person with this each passing day and become tougher. If you are going through a hard time here are some sad quotes below which you can connect right now. I have mentioned a few links to other pages like love quotes, self-love quotes, life quotes and some shayaris also if you are fan of hindi poetry as Love shayari, Sad shayari.

“I miss the old you 
Who was crazy about me.”

“People are dying 
To be dead.” 

Hurting quotes on relationships

hurting quotes on relationships

Maybe you never wanted to. 
You never wanted to be with me. 
Because if you did 
I would not have been wondering here.


“I love that feeling when I don’t feel anything.” 

hurting quotes on relationships

“We all are sad people 
Trying to motivate others to be happy.”

“Pain makes you angry 
on everything.” 

hurting quotes on relationships

“I am drawn to people like you. 
I am drawn to anything which is broken.”

“Do you ever feel like you don’t belong to this world? 
Yeah me too.”   

hurting quotes on relationships

“I sit and cry with your memories whenever they visit me.”

“Sometimes it feels like I am the one who is digging my own grave.” 

hurting quotes on relationships

“Some pains are never gone 
nor expressed. 
You put them 
in the corner of your heart 
and deal with it silently.” 

“We did not get to say goodbye.”

hurting quotes on relationships

“And she struggled in silence.”

“Born to cry. 

Sad love quotes for him

hurting quotes on relationships

“I am fine. 
Just not happy.”

“People are now more scared of life than they are from death.” 

hurting quotes on relationships

“She still doesn’t know how to accept love. 
How to allow someone to love her.”

“I think I am going through the time in life 
where I don’t wanna be with anyone.” 

hurting quotes on relationships

“If I say now 
you don’t matter to me, 
Not even a little bit 
then I would be lying.”

“Moon also feel alone in the sky full of stars just like we do in the world full of humans.”

hurting quotes on relationships

“I am running after a feeling. 
And feelings fade away…”

“Some days I love you 
and the others, 
I hate myself.” 

sad quotes about love and pain

“You can’t love me the way 
 I want to be loved.”

“I don’t want this pain to go away. 
I am getting attached to it.” 

Emotional pain quotes

sad quotes about love and pain

“I know you don’t miss me anymore 
but oh god, 
sometimes I wish you would.”

“I am starting to feel like your existence was an illusion.” 

sad quotes about love and pain

“I am not a sad person. 
I just have an emotional 
and deep soul, 
an overthinking mind 
and a tired body.”

“I don’t wanna end up like you did.” 

Sad quote about life

sad quotes about love and pain

“I am afraid 
one day 
these words 
will leave me too; 
like you did.”

“Did you realize 
the words I sent you 
was not just the words I wrote 
but were the things 
I was unable to express.” 

sad quotes about love and pain

“He is in love with her.” 
“How do you know?” 
“Because he used to look at me the way he is looking at her now.” 

“Not everything I write you will like, 
Same as not everything I feel I like.” 

sad quotes about love and pain

“I wish you would talk to me 
 like you really want to talk to me.”

“I did not let you go. 
It was you who left me. 
So I got no choice in the end.” 

sad quotes about love and pain

“I wish we could but that’s okay. “

“Sometimes I think a part of me 
will always blame me 
for letting you go 
even after knowing and realizing 
it was you 
who pushed me away.”

Hurting quotes on relationships

sad quotes about love and pain

“Can I have you for a while? 
Just for a while.” 

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