34 I love you quotes for him and her to make easy to express your love.

Hi friends, express your love to your girlfriends and boyfriends with the help of these I love you quotes. Let me know how you like these quotes. Do comment and share if like it. Stay connected.

“Whenever I see you. 
My heart goes uodcjakfnf.” 

“Your love was 
worth holding onto.” 

“Lost in you 
Found in love.” 

I love you quotes

I love you quotes for him

“I will never get tired of trying 
to get us back together.” 

“You made me believe in forever.” 

“I always watch you 
Sometimes through the moon. ”

I love quotes for her

I love you quotes for her

“I am lost 
Only your love can find me.” 

“Sometimes I wonder 
what it would feel like 
to kiss you 
after so many years.” 

“Say something!!” 
“What do you wanna hear?” 
“Your moans.” 

I love you so much quotes

I love you so much quotes

“I am in love 
with your imperfections.”

“You can’t unlove someone. 
So if you are trying to do it, 
you are wasting your time.”

“My broken pieces are sinking 
Sinking into the glue of your love 
Ready to be mended. 
Ready to be whole.” 

I love you quotes for boyfriend

I love you quotes for boyfriend

“There is pain everywhere 
But there is love too. ”

“I would rather hold you 
in my arms 
than holding a meaningless conversation.” 

Let our silence speak. ”

I love you quotes for girlfriend

I love you quotes for girlfriend

“You believed in me and 
I started to believe in miracles.” 

“Don’t tell me to stop 
when all I want to do 
is love you. ”

“You don’t need to fight my demons. 
They are already yours. 
Just like me.” 

Cute I love you quotes

Cute I love you quotes

“Don’t show me your love, 
it makes me feel uncomfortable. ”

“When I closed my eyes, I thought about a thousand reasons to love you. 
When I open them, I found millions to. “

“My heart will always think about you 
whenever I will think about love.” 

I love you sweetheart quotes

“I want to be the right one. 
I want to be your right one.”

“Don’t look at me like that.” 
“Like what?” 
“Like you wanna kiss me.” 

“Do you still love me?” 
“No, I don’t.” 
“Are you sure?” 

I love you deep quotes

“My life was a blank slate 
You wrote the words on it. ”

“Your love was all I have ever needed.” 

“What are you thinking about?” 
“Something beautiful.” 
“And What is that?” 

I love you quotes

“You smile in me. 
I can’t cry because of this.” 

“Life has given me YOU. 
Maybe this is one of the reasons why I love my life. ”

“There is so much love out there in the world but I only want yours. ”

I love you quotes

“Do you still think about me?” 
“Whenever I breathe.” 

“When the door of heart creaks 
your memories sneak in. ”

” I want to run. 
Not away from you. 
I want to run 
my fingers in your hairs 
and get lost 
In the feel of them. ”

“We fought once 
But kissed twice 
Love won over this too. ”

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