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Believe in yourself and God

Would I be able to trust anyone? Would I be able to believe in those three magical words again; or if I could say those words to someone and really really mean it.

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Love is something we can not define in words but we still try. Love is something we can not show but we still try to show others the love we have for them. Love is a feeling where we feel like we can do anything for the person we love. The pleasure of getting love in return from the person we love is rare but we still hope we get it from everyone we fall for.

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Moon and Us

Cuddle with me under the moon, Sing me your favorite song. Share that ice cream with your lips, Pull my hair and dig your fingertips. The night will pass and the sun will rise, but this love and memory of you will never be forgotten at any prize.

love shayari images


“Na dekha kabhi mud kar, Jo chodh kar gaya tu. Hum aj bhi vahi khade hai, jaha dil tod kar gya tu. Khata kya thi humari tune btayi hi nahi, Tere baad zindagi me mohabbat, phir laut kar kabhi aayi bhi nahi.”